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Dignity: One Load At A Time


Hope Delivered: One Vend At A Time


Freedom Restored: One Bag At A Time


Self-Respect: One Wash At A Time

Street Team Movement Inc. provides laundry services for the homeless on an on-going basis. Our homeless friends can vend a 6-in-1 laundry sheet from one of our hygiene vending machines, bring it to one of our partner laundry locations and wash a load at no cost to them. Laundry services are rendered Monday-Friday 8am-7pm.
What is Remedial Aid? Personal, dental, and feminine hygiene items. Everyday items that we may take for granted. Now given out through one of our hygiene vending machines. The vending machines are only accessible to the homeless community through Hope Cards, a special access card that's used on the machine. A homeless person can apply for a Hope Card in order to start receiving services.
Providing a way for our homeless friends to have a secure place to store their valuables while going to work, or searching for a job leading to a stable income. Downtown storage location opening Spring 2021.
Access to showers on a daily basis is something that is so important. Through partnerships with property management firms, we are working to identify secure locations for permanent showers for daily access.

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