Hygiene For The Homeless

The mission of Street Team Movement is to restore hope to individuals impacted by homelessness by providing showers, laundry and remedial aid. By meeting these needs, we hope to motivate that individual to a progressive movement.

Vending Machines

A new way to distribute hygiene items to the homeless community. Created to spread hope. Powered by partnerships.

Take Action

Street Team Movement has a place for you. Volunteer in-person or remotely. Give financial or remedial aid donations. Join our prayer team.


7 Years of Service


Loads Washed

Washing the clothes of the homeless community since 2013.


People Served

Individual lives that we have touched over the years. From providing laundry services to giving of remedial aid, helping apply for jobs, building resumes, given rides, helped secure resources.


Remedial Aid Items

The number of individual Remedial Aid (personal, dental, feminine hygiene items, clothing, and shoes) distributed to the homeless community.

Word On The Street...

Clean Clothes

My brother and I had job interviews and went to get our clothes washed with the Street Team. We weren't on the list, but they let us wash. During the interview, the manager commented on how nice and clean our clothes were compared to the other applicant, even though we were there for welder positions. We both walked out with jobs.

Jon A.

Laundry Client

Briana is So Helpful

I'm a quadriplegic and I have a skin condition that causes my skin to peel. My scalp was peeling and bleeding bad and I didn't have anyone to change my head wraps. While at laundry, Briana changed my head wraps, cleaned my scalp and rewrapped my head. She didn't complain once.

Melanie H.

Laundry Client

Good Hygiene Kits

Sometimes it's hard to find certain items while homeless. Street Team pays attention and brings out items that a lot of people don't even think about, like can openers. They always have good socks too.

James F.

Remedial Aid Client

My Family

These people have been a big help to me when I needed it most even more than family.

Donald B.

Laundry Client

Briana Has a Heart to Help

I met her and she really want to make a difference

Jessica V.


Amazing Program

This is a amazing program thank you for helping out the less fortunate



Passion to Serve

The Street Team Movement is an awesome vision brought to life by people that have a passion and burning desire to bless their city. "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Odessa B.


Just WOW!

Tonight I had one of the most amazing experience helping those in need! I met Briana and her team and they have amazing hearts! I am blessed I was able to find people that still care for others! May the lord bless your hearts and keep giving you everything you need to do what he has call you to do! I am glad I can be part of this journey with you all! God bless you!

Adely G.


Dignity Restored

wonderful, caring people helping the homeless have dignity

Rita M.



Hygiene: Convenient and Accessible

Laundry Services

Street Team Movement Inc. provides laundry services for the homeless on an on-going basis. Read more to find out the new way that we provide this service.

Storage Services

Providing a way for our homeless friends to have a safe place to store valuables while going to work, or searching for stable work. Downtown storage location opening Spring 2021.

Remedial Aid

What is Remedial Aid? Personal, dental, and feminine hygiene items. Everyday items that we may take for granted. Read more to find out how Street Team Movement is disrupting the way hygiene is distributed.

Shower Services

Access to showers on a continual and daily basis coming soon. Read more about the partnerships it takes to make this possible.


Make a donation

Remedial Aid and monetary donations are the fuel that helps us fulfill our mission. Click the button below to find out how you can make an impact in the life of someone who needs you.


Meet Our Dedicated Team: Coming Soon

Briana Daniel

Executive Director

Krysten Cummings

Board Member

Brittanea Island

Board Member

Justin Wu

Board Member


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We enjoy offering unique serving opportunities. Whether you are an individual or a part of a group, come serve with Street Team Movement Inc.

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