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Street Team Movement - Hands and Feet to the Streets


What we want to do:

Share the love of Christ to the homeless community by meeting certain necessities that often go overlooked.

Why we want to do it:

The state of Florida ranks 3rd out of the 5 states that contribute to nearly HALF of the nation’s homeless population. In the census last year, Florida accounted for more than 45,000 homeless persons, not counting children. Orlando gave a count of over 2,900 individuals impacted by homelessness. We feel that this has become an issue that we can no longer ignore, the only way to end this is to take action.


Orlando gave a count of over 2,900 individuals impacted by homelessness. We feel that this has become an issue that we can no longer ignore, the only way to end this is to take action.


Our Mission

Restoring hope to individuals impacted by homelessness by providing basic needs such as showers, clean laundry, remedial aid and a higher quality of mindfulness. By meeting these needs we will motivate these individuals to progressive movement.

Street Team Movement - Showers


The Street Team Movement’s shower program is called (Re): Fresh. The purpose of (Re): Fresh is to refresh the bodies of the homeless individuals that we are working with. Many of our clients are exposed to harsh elements by constantly being outside. Some of our clients have jobs that they have to attend, meetings with case managers, interviews, etc. (Re): Fresh will give these individuals an opportunity to walk into these engagements with dignity. This will allow our homeless friends to focus more on why they are there as opposed to how their outward appearance is.

Our goal for showers is to purchase a mobile shower suite so that we can provide showers on a full-time basis. The shower trailer that we have picked out has 5 stalls. If we are to start out by doing showers 30 minute showers in all five stalls for 5 hours a day, 3 days a week, we can theoretically give 150 people a safe place to take showers. Looking ahead, one trailer providing showers 5 days a week, 8 hours a day will yield 400 individuals with access to showers.

Our goal, by the end of 2016 is to have 5 of these mobile shower trailers. This will enable at least 2,000 of the reported 10,000 homeless individuals in Central Florida to take showers.

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Street Team Movement - Laundry


Street Team Movement’s laundry program is called (Re):New. The goal of (Re): New is to provide a safe place for our clients to wash their clothes. Street Team Movement provides the location and any resources needed to perform laundry duties; our clients are required to make and keep their own appointments. Most homeless individuals either contend with dirty clothes or seek out new clothing as opposed to simply washing the clothes that they already have. In partnership with Thornton Park Coin Laundry, we are able to renew not only our clients clothes, but their hope and outlook on themselves. A fresh change of newly washed clothes should not be taken for granted.

Twice a week, an average of 212 people laundry. Which is about 424 loads of laundry. An average of $8 per person, so an average monthly total of $1,696. We have been proving laundry services since April, 2014. Year to date we have done 22,048 loads of laundry for 11,024 people. We have used an average of $20,352 in quarters to do laundry (Which comes to 1,017 pounds of quarters).

Street Team Movement - Remedial Aid


Street Team Movement’s Remedial Aid program is called (Re): Mediate. Remedial Aid is crucial to those living on the streets. Chapstick to protect our lips in the windy winter. Sunscreen to protect your skin against the fiery Florida sun. New shoes to keep your feet from blistering as you walk for miles and miles every day. Our goal is to remediate the individuals who do not have access to items such as these. For example, some of these homeless individuals have jobs, yet a stumbling block is not being able to afford uniform essentials for the new position which they have acquired. (Re): Mediate will allow our clients to regain a sense of worth in a society that has overlooked their smallest needs.

We pass out remedial aid 5 days a week. Three times a month are with our Partner Organizations at food shares. This past Thanksgiving alone, handed out over 375 remedial aid kits along with 300 articles of clothing. YTD We have distributed over 3,000 disposal razors, 1,000 feminine products, 800 toothbrushes, 1,000 tubes of toothpaste, 2,000 bars of soap, 1,200 lotions, 200 mouthwash, 2,000 shampoos and conditioners, 922 deodorants, 200 combs, 50 eye glasses, 700 pairs of socks, 200 pairs of shoes, over 3,000 articles of clothing, 250 backpacks and have gone through over 5,000 sandwich bags.

Street Team Movement - Mindfullness


Our program that focuses on Mental Health is called (Re): Mind. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. Mental illness was the third largest cause of homelessness for single adults (mentioned by 48% of cities). (Re): Mind will build relationships with mental health firms in the community. Our goal, through these partnerships, is to offer at least 1,000 hours of mental health counseling a month to the individuals that need them. We will equip these struggling homeless individuals with the tools to overcome one of their biggest oppressors: their mind. By reminding these individuals who they truly are and reestablishing their place in society.

The plan is to reach out to the community for assistance. By building relationships with at least 50 mental health and counseling firms who will agree to offer 5 hours of pro bono counseling a week. This will be at least 250 hours a week and 1,000 hours a month.

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